11.000 m2

  • Capacity

    8,000 tons

  • 12 Spouts


  • 6

    Refrigerated chambers

  • Fully air-conditioned

    1100 m2 Antechamber 

  • distance to loading dock

    400 meters

Welcome to DART, Davila Reefer Terminal

With 30 years of experience in refrigerated activities specializing in fruit with warehousing and distribution center by land and sea. We belong to Grupo Davila, a century-old corporate group of Galician origin.

1100 m2 Antechamber 

fully air-conditioned


Strategic location

For refrigerated fleet operators

Optimal location

In an intermodal area, connected by sea, land, highway, and railway.

the best option

For fruit importers and exporters

BIP and Customs

Inside the Cold Chamber

Quality Control

In-house and customer area.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We care for the environment

DART's 6 chambers can hold more than 5,000 pallets, which means a storage capacity of 8,000 tons. Every chamber includes C02-based refrigeration system, and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to control temperature, ethylene levels, and ozone emissions, making these facilities environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient.

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