State-of-the-art facilities for optimal fruit preservation

Temperature control

Control of pulp temperatures 365 days a year.

Guarantee of elimination

We guarantee the elimination of ethylene and bacteria.

Ozone Control

Food microbiological control.

Humidity control

We perform specific humidity controls for each product.

X-Senser Systems

We use X-Senser temperaturemonitoring systems.

Cooling system

Our cooling systems are environmentally friendly, based on Co2.

12 loading docks

6 loading and 6 unloading spouts, with the latest control technology.

5000 pallets

There are 6 independent chambers that can hold 5,000 pallets, and work at three chamber heights, with low racking depth to facilitate an agile "IN-OUT".

BIP: Border Inspection Post

One of the special characteristics of our facilities is that they include a B.I.P. , for a better control of all procedures, as well as different control offices(Civil Guard, quality, laboratory, control office, checking room, etc).

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